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Roof Cleaning

Our special high-pressure cleaning equipment is the best in the industry. It’s powerful enough to blast through years of buildup and can reach spots others can’t.

Driveway Cleaning

Whether it’s a brick-paved driveway, concrete, liquid limestone, exposed aggregate or patterned concrete surface, we provide exceptional driveway cleaning.

    Porch Cleaning

    We all love a BBQ. With professional porch cleaning you can keep your outdoor entertaining area looking first class

      Gutter Cleaning

      We ensure that your gutters are fully functional and doing their job. Gutters often get filedl up with leaves, moss, and dirt and become blocked.  


        Dust, dirt and cobwebs accumulate over the years affecting your building. Our cleaning blasts the dust and dirt off the walls,  you’ll be surprised by how much difference it can make!


        What's The Price

        • A professional house wash price depends on the number of storeys and the overall area that needs to be washed. 
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        How it Works

        • We use a biodegradable alkaline detergent foam to dislodge dirt.
        • We then apply a specialised hose to pressure clean. 

        What's to Expect

        • Cleaning the exterior of a home to help restore its original look. It cleans cobwebs, dust and dirt off the walls, gutters and roof.
        • A full house wash improves the look of the house and can help increase its value.